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Welcome To V16 Guitars

I love everything about vintage Cadillacs, down to the last nut and bolt. My favorite era is 1930 to 1940, the age of the rare and enigmatic V16.  Every guitar and pickup I craft carrying the moniker is created with that same spirit of unmatched quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The sole objective of every V16 is balanced tonality, with an emphasis on presence and clarity. This is achieved primarily through attention to three main things:

Tone Woods – I personally hand select every piece of tone wood, be it figured maple, Honduras mahogany, purple heart, Brazilian rosewood, etc., that is used in constructing a V-16. The 2-piece bodies and cores are perfectly joined, and tops carefully laminated. All parts are important, but the neck especially plays a key role in tonality. My 5-piece laminate neck is arguably the most stable in the industry, and its rigidity and durability is unquestionable. The core is a combination of quarter-sawn figured maple and purple heart, and the outer pieces are quarter-sawn mahogany or figured maple depending on the end goal. Fingerboards are chosen by need for warmth or brightness. The clarity and presence of the V-16 is brought to the forefront through the neck’s design, and is key to its signature tone.

Construction – Tight construction is paramount, and can be the deciding factor in whether a guitar rings vibrant, or simply sounds dead. The connection between neck and body MUST be rigid, both for function and aesthetics, and allow the pair to vibrate as a unit. I hand fit each neck into each body, and shape the heel. If it doesn’t fit right, and fit tight, it doesn’t get glued together.

Pickups – I personally hand wind each V16 “777” pickup to an output of approximately 7.77K ohms.  The lower output, along with the use of an Alnico V magnet, accentuates the mids and highs, and helps to produce the very lively, present characteristics of the V16 guitar.

Just like the famous Cadillac, this V-16 is designed specifically for the player who desires to be seen, as well as to be heard. Specially hand-wound pickups combined with rigid hand-built construction and balanced tone woods equate to an instrument with the presence and clarity to ring through the mix. Prices start at $3499, and construction time is generally around 60 days. Call Corey Wadley at 303-913-3743, or email for more information.


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